On 8 June at La Nave, Madrid, Spain, Sergio Bandinelli from Tecnalia Ventures presented the EU-LAC Digital Accelerator at the South Summit, the leading business and innovation platform connecting entrepreneurs with investors and corporations in Spain. 

This event was born out of a need to bring together entrepreneurs with investors and corporations during a dark time for the Spanish economy. Through the entrepreneurial and innovative spirit, the economy has been healed, and the South Summit has become a global brand, celebrated even in Latin America.

Bandinelli engaged in discussions with Paula Blasquez Solano of 4Founders Capital, Ricardo Marvão from Beta-i collaborative Innovation, Borja Aznar-Bonilla from Plug and Play Tech Center and Andrés Sánchez Hontoria from Mutua Madrileña in a panel focused on the impact of venture capital called “The catalysing power of CVCs.”

During this panel discussion on the impact of venture capital, Bandinelli shared a relevant message about the importance of collaboration and trust in building together. He emphasised that “even if a corporate’s feedback or pilot results didn’t work out, it could still be valuable for others. By encouraging more multi-corporate cooperation and sharing of insights, we can all benefit.”

This summit provided an excellent opportunity for corporates, startups and SMEs to discover our EU-LAC Digital Accelerator, which is an innovative tool connecting companies and startups from Europe with Latin America and the Caribbean, creating digital business opportunities. 


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