On January 18, the EU-LAC Digital Accelerator hosted an online webinar spotlighting the deep tech ecosystem in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC). With 250+ registrations in the one-hour session, the event underscored the vast potential of the region and its opportunities in the European market. It not only shed light on opportunities for European corporates to tap into the talent pool of LAC but also emphasized the importance of fostering collaboration for mutual growth.

In pursuing a sustainable and inclusive future driven by deep tech innovation, LAC emerges as a highly competitive hub. Marcelo Cabrol, Chief Scalability, Knowledge, and Impact at EU-LAC Digital Accelerator partner BID LAB, shared insights from ‘The New Wave’ study, highlighting the important role of technological innovation in propelling development. Cabrol envisions LAC startups leveraging their Deep knowledge, resources, and value, urging them to connect with the global innovation ecosystem, which increasingly includes eager investors seeking engagement.

Deep tech and innovation catalyze a global systemic transformation, presenting a significant opportunity for LAC. Panellist Ignacio Peña, Founder and CEO at Surfing Tsunamis, highlighted three key opportunities during the webinar: early technology adoption, building upon existing technologies and creating new ones. Regarding the last opportunity, the LAC startup landscape is flourishing with 340 startups and 64 venture capital fundings. The role of startups is to seize these opportunities, with corporates encouraged to collaborate, invest, or acquire their innovative projects.

LAC startups are doing more with less capital, showcasing an efficient approach to venture capital. Activating the innovation ecosystem is crucial to unlocking these opportunities. Maria Renner, Partner and CSO at GridX, shared their transformative work integrating scientific advancements with an entrepreneurial spirit and capital. Backing 66 regional startups with 800 workers, GridX exemplifies the impact of harnessing innovation in the LAC region, with half of these startups making waves globally.

Dan Etenberg, Founder and CEO at LIA Aerospace, exemplifies seizing opportunities, starting from Argentina and going to Europe with a space engine safe propulsion project. His success story underscores the power of connections, having applied to incubators and programs, gaining visibility in exhibitions, and establishing partnerships with corporates working in the field. In the session, Etenberg quoted Isaac Newton’s “If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.”

 To conclude the session, Sergio Bandinelli, EU-LAC Digital Accelerator Coordinator and moderator highlighted the success of business collaborations. He encouraged participants, including startups and corporates, to forge partnerships and embark on an open innovation journey through the EU-LAC Digital Accelerator. Next February, the accelerator stands ready to open a call for EU-LAC partnerships and provide services enabling their businesses to grow and thrive, unlocking their full potential.


Watch the whole webinar here

Read ‘The New Wave’ study here


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