Challenge organisation

SITECH is a Peruvian company of the Ferreycorp group. They specialize in the integration of technologies to create solutions that extract data from their clients’ operations and convert it into valuable information for decision-making in safety and productivity.

Background information

With over 9 years of experience linking construction and mining assets for informed decision-making, SITECH is well-placed to address safety and productivity challenges in heavy industries. As a representative of globally recognized technology brands, their expertise enables them to offer solutions, such as preventing vehicle collisions, eliminating blind spots, mitigating operator fatigue, enhancing earthmoving accuracy, and improving predictive maintenance in underground operations.

Watch this video to meet Omar Sandoval, Chief Innovation Officer at SITECH!


Challenge Description

The company has different challenges regarding the mining industry operations and processes: 

  • Fuel efficiency: Fuel consumption stands as a prominent expense in the loading and hauling process, often influenced by factors like theft, inefficient operation, and idle machine running time. Implementing control systems for improvement is hindered by the challenge of change management among machines operators.
  • Boosting mining efficiency: Enhancing mining efficiency through optimal asset management minimizes downtime and production loss. Quick diagnostics and predictive recommendations for asset failures facilitate real-time decision-making.
  • Detecting unbreakable elements: The presence of unbreakable elements, both metallic (drilling holes, corrugated iron, etc.) and non-metallic (aluminum barrows, pressure hoses, wood), damages conveyor belts, leading to production losses and high costs. Detecting these elements within the crusher is a challenge due to process limitations, preventing direct intervention to resolve the issue.
  • Enhancing calculation of the ore grade: Access to real-time mineral concentration measurements post-blasting is crucial for effective planning and production control in mining. Currently, mining units lack this information at the start of loading and hauling, receiving it post-mortem, hindering efficient scheduling and goal establishment.


Solutions needed

SITECH is seeking a partner with the capability to implement and co-design technological solutions in Latin America and has the potential for broader market expansion, with a minimum operational history of 24 months. 

While their primary interest lies in mature business solutions, preferably at a TRL 7 or higher, they remain open to innovative proposals at lower maturity levels. 

The focus is on establishing long-term business partnerships to collaboratively address customer needs and innovate with new business models.



Country where the challenge is identified Peru
Region where solutions must come from Europe and the Caribbean
Sector Management

This is a challenge identified by the EU-LAC Digital Accelerator team in the frame of the Call for Challenges. The mission is to connect challenges from corporates with solutions from startups to boost digital transformation in Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean. If you are interested to learn more about us, visit our website

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