Embarking on an open innovation journey for your business has never been more accessible. Our EU-LAC Digital Accelerator is at the forefront of fostering a new generation of business collaborations. European, Latin American and Caribbean corporations facing digital challenges are finding their perfect match in innovative startups or SMEs offering digital-based solutions, all facilitated through our Matching Platform gathering more than 500 EULACKERS.

We recently took a significant leap by introducing our first Open Call for EU-LAC partnerships. Whether these partnerships originated from our platform or beyond, they can apply for our in-kind acceleration services at €30,000, and all of this comes at no cost. 

As we find ourselves halfway through this first Open Call, our colleague, Miguel Rodriguez, approaches the plate, addressing queries and offering insights to guide participants eager to make the most of this opportunity. Are you curious about what the open call entails? Who can apply, and what benefits await? Are you puzzled by the application process or how to find the ideal partner? These are some of the questions resonating within the community.

To provide clarity, Miguel is here to solve these doubts in the following videoclip:


Now that your queries have been addressed join our Matching Platform to discover your ideal business partner. You can also apply through this link.

Have more doubts? Feel free to contact us; our team is ready to guide you through the process.