CELSA Group is Europe’s leading low-emission circular steel company, producing steel in the most sustainable way possible in electric arc furnaces from recycled ferrous scrap.

The metallurgical industry is the third-largest industry in terms of water consumption, primarily for cooling purposes. Cooling plays a crucial role in regulating material temperature, process stability, microstructure, and material phases.

Challenge Description

This challenge aims to seek innovative solutions that improve the circularity of cooling water throughout CELSA’s entire production chain, minimizing waste and maximizing reuse through sustainable and efficient management practices.

We are seeking innovative solutions to address one of the following areas:

  • Innovative systems for digitizing and controlling water cycle management processes to improve efficiency (e.g., monitoring, digital twins, artificial intelligence, smart sensors, wireless hardware, etc.).
  • Alternative sources for cooling in the steel industry to reduce or eliminate water consumption.
  • Optimization of the dirty water circuit, especially oil-water separation.
  • Technologies to improve/save cooling water efficiency by minimizing evaporation: Cooling water is primarily applied through water sprays from closed circuits around hot steel billets or bars. This type of cooling is used in steelmaking processes via the electric arc furnace route and in rolling processes to produce long steel products (structural profiles, flats, and rounds).
  • With the challenge of improving cooling water efficiency, we are seeking new systems allowing regulation of water spray flow with adjustable or high-efficiency nozzles, as well as enhanced cooling circuits that prevent losses through evaporation or systems for detection/reduction of leaks in circuits in complex industrial environments and high temperatures.
  • Systems for water vapor recovery through condensation or other technologies: For this challenge, we seek solutions enabling the recovery of water vapor generated in closed and open environments through condensation systems or other technologies.


By participating in this challenge, you can access:

  • Mentoring: Opportunity to connect with industry experts, support your project, get feedback, and improve your solution.
  • Partnership Opportunities: Explore proof of concepts and gain access to CELSA industry partners where applicable.
  • Know-how: Leverage the extensive expertise of CELSA in the steel sector
  • New Market Opportunities: Obtain support to foster the development of your startup and tap into emerging market possibilities.


Country where the challenge is identified Spain
Region where solutions must come from Latin America and the Caribbean
Sector Heavy/Steel

This is a challenge identified by the EU-LAC Digital Accelerator team in the frame of the Call for Challenges. The mission is to connect challenges from corporates with solutions from startups to boost digital transformation in Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean. If you are interested to learn more about us, visit our website.

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