We accelerate a new generationof EU-LAC Partnerships

Who can apply?

The EU-LAC Digital Accelerator offers acceleration services to EU-LAC Partnerships.

What are the main requirements?

EU-LAC Partnerships involve at least one company from Europe and one company from Latin America or Caribbean (it may also be between Latin America and Caribbean companies).

EU-LAC Partnerships are formalised through a contract, MoU, LoI or any document signed by the parties, specifying the objective and scope of the collaboration and a plan to develop it.

EU-LAC Partnerships in this project typically consist of a corporate – startup collaboration using a venture client mechanism, involving the validation of an innovative solution provided by startup or SME to address a challenge or problem suggested by a corporation. However, we are flexible and also open to other types of collaboration models.

Acceleration services

The EU-LAC Digital Accelerator will offer acceleration services free of charge to the selected EU-LAC Partnerships

The services fall into these categories:

The value of the acceleration services goes up to 40.000 € / Partnership

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