Supporting thedigital transformationin cleantech sectors

EU and ECLAC want to become a climate neutral economy by 2050. Achieving this goal requires transforming the way we produce, consume, move and eat. To meet the goal of reaching net-zero emissions by 2050, global cooperative actions are needed to alleviate the effects of global climate change. Clean tech solutions will be key to achieving climate neutrality in the EU by 2050.

What we understand by cleantech?

Clean tech refers to any good or service designed with the primary purpose of contributing to remediating or preventing any type of environmental damage. Any good or service that is less polluting or more resource efficient than equivalent normal products that furnish a similar utility. The concept of cleantech embraces a diverse range of products, services, and processes across industry verticals that are inherently designed to:

What sectors are we addressing?

Clean tech spans many industry verticals and is grouped in the following sectors:

To create a fully neutral economy, digital business ecosystems must be designed to make significant decisions and take action and use digitalization to create durable, interoperable ecosystems that support climate challenges and create new opportunities for innovation, differentiation, synergies and jobs.