Access to startup talent
to face digital transformation

What’s in it for you

A full open innovation experience

Identify your challenges to
face digital transformation

Partner with selected startups
to improve, renovate and/or
diversify your business

Get exposure to digital
transformation initiatives in Europe
and Latin America - Caribbean

Develop your
customised roadmap from
highly-qualified experts

Establish venture-client
collaboration with top startups

Connect with investors and
funding institutions

Opportunity area

EU-LAC Digital Accelerator will successively focus on high opportunity areas for cooperation among Europe and Latin America / Caribbean. Smart Production is just the first one and other opportunity areas will follow…


The digital transformation of productive sectors is generating a true revolution. Digital technology gives rise to new production and business models, reshaping value chains and redefinition of markets and the relationship with customers.

What sectors are we addressing?
Smart production spans across a variety of sectors, from primary production activities (e.g., agriculture, fishery, mining, forestry, etc.) to manufacturing productive sectors (including food, automotive, chemistry, pharma, construction, etc.)

What are the main drivers for Smart Production?

Who can
submit a challenge?

Is your business established in Europe, Latin America or the Caribbean?

Is your business being challenged by Digital Transformation?

Are you willing to face your challenges collaboratively, through open innovation?

If your answer is YES, do not hesitate!


Share your challenges and get connected with top startups bringing a solution path.