The EU-LAC Digital Accelerator is an initiative financed under the Neighborhood, Development & International Cooperation Instrument (NDICI-Global Europe) in the framework of the EU-LAC Digital Alliance, focused on fostering multi-stakeholder and private sector collaboration, competitiveness, digital skills and innovation, through the establishment of a regional EU-LAC Digital Accelerator.

The EU-LAC Digital Accelerator works as a multi-sided platform connecting business opportunities from corporates with innovative startups and SMEs between the European Union, Latin America and the Caribbean. The initiative is formed by 10 organisations distributed in these 2 continents consolidating 1 strong team. 

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Today we are interviewing Ms. Brigitte Mayorga, General Director of Tecnalia Colombia.

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Hi Brigitte, we would like to know more about your organisation, what are you focused on and what is your field of expertise.

Tecnalia Colombia is an Innovation and Productivity Center created in Colombia in 2007 with the aim of driving and promoting innovation processes, technological development and increased productivity, through the incorporation of cutting-edge technologies in the country’s strategic sectors and LATAM.

At Tecnalia Colombia we accompany the actors of the science, technology and innovation ecosystem, mainly companies and government entities, in their digital transformation processes and development of new innovative products and services, in order to promote new opportunities and respond to the business challenges with digital technologies as a reference.

In recent years, a business unit has been created aimed at supporting the transformation processes of the Energy and Environment sectors with technology and innovation, contributing to the sustainability of the planet.

Now, how is this linked to the EU-LAC Digital Accelerator? Can you explain the role you envision to play at this meaningful project? 

All the partners of the EU-LAC Digital Accelerator project have a very important role and great responsibility, which is why Tecnalia Colombia puts its experience and work team in open innovation, technological surveillance, identification and refining of challenges at the service of the project. Likewise, we have a network of business and innovation actors in Latin America such as Relais Internacional that will increase the impact of the project. 

What are the main actions/activities you are working/will work on in the project that you are most excited about?

Being an entity that promotes the collaboration of multiple agents including the private sector, and that promotes competitiveness, innovation and joint ventures between European and Latin American and Caribbean companies in the digital area is a very exciting mission. Tecnalia Colombia will work to support the participating companies to formulate their challenges and connect them with European or LAC startups, responding with cutting-edge technology to their business challenges, achieving the expansion and growth of all project participants, sharing knowledge and best practices.

Do you have previous experience managing European projects? What is the most rewarding thing about it? 

Tecnalia Colombia participated in the ELAN Network project aimed at increasing and diversifying the economic presence of the European Union in Latin America, generating sustainable collaboration initiatives between research and innovation actors, transforming knowledge into socio-economic development.

The results of the project were fantastic alliances, businesses and technology transfers were generated between SMEs from LATAM and Europe, promoting economic growth and true international cooperation. Likewise, our entity received valuable knowledge assets and best research practices from the different European actors to transfer to new companies and continue promoting new alliances and collaborative work with R+D+i actors at a national and international level.

To conclude, how would you describe the EU-LAC Digital Accelerator in one sentence? 

Joint growth between Europe and LAC from Digital Transformation and innovation.


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