Challenge organisation

Infotrack Mobility Experts is a Colombian company with international presence. With 20 years of experience they specialise in optimising business processes through comprehensive solutions of hardware, software and services, to improve profitability and efficiency. 

Background information

Infotrack has developed SMART STOCK, a Software as a Service (SaaS) based solution designed to revolutionise inventory management and logistics operations. Its focus is on providing an intuitive and powerful platform that allows for effective real-time warehouse and inventory management. 

The market demands a solution that streamlines the verification of products in transit, minimising disruptions and errors in the supply chain. Conventional solutions fall short in meeting this growing demand for efficiency and accuracy. This is where a significant business opportunity lies. Infotrack proposes implementing disruptive innovation through image segmentation with artificial intelligence. This advanced technology will provide a highly reliable and consistent solution, allowing for real-time product verification.To successfully implement this innovation, Infotrack is looking to collaborate with experts in artificial intelligence and image segmentation.

Challenge Description

Infotrack faces the strategic challenge of optimising logistics operations by achieving accurate and efficient verification of products in transit. The current process involves considerable resource usage and can be prone to human error. With the constant growth in demand for more accurate and agile logistics operations, overcoming this challenge is crucial to remain competitive in the market.

The new technology incorporated will require specific hardware for image capture and subsequent processing. Therefore, they need to work with a partner who is capable of developing such devices so that they can be implemented in the end customer’s logistics chain as part of the SMART STOCK solution. The successful implementation of this technology in SMART STOCK will have a transformative impact on their clients’ logistics operations; by improving accuracy and speed in the verification of products in transit, they aim to reduce errors and optimise efficiency across the entire supply chain.

Solution needed

In search of a strategic collaboration to carry out this innovative implementation, Infotrack is focused on partners who bring valuable experience in hardware development and in the use of AI tools for computer vision.

Infotrack is specifically looking for device manufacturing companies that share our enthusiasm for cutting-edge technology and are willing to create the necessary hardware to support the image segmentation required by our solution.

Additionally, they will need to collaborate with experts in the field of computer vision and AI, who can help them implement new image segmentation functionalities for product verification in transit within our SMART STOCK software.

  • Hardware Development: They value a solid track record in the design and production of specialized devices capable of supporting image processing and artificial intelligence technologies.
  • AI Tools Applied to Computer Vision: They appreciate experience in fine-tuning pre-trained AI models, especially those related to computer vision or image segmentation.
  • Collaborative Work: They are committed to a collaborative and shared approach in which both parties contribute their expertise and knowledge to achieve project success.
  • Creativity and Experience: They recognize the importance of creativity and the ability to think outside the box to overcome technical challenges and achieve innovative solutions.

Open Mindset: They value adaptability and the willingness to explore new approaches based on the changing needs of the project and the market.


Country where the challenge is identified Colombia
Region where solutions must come from Europe and the Caribbean
Sector Logistics

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