Partner EBN hosted an online webinar on November 10 titled “Introducing the EU-LAC Digital Accelerator: Strengthening EU-Latin America & Caribbean Ties” for their community. The purpose was to introduce the EU-LAC Digital Accelerator project, highlight its opportunities and address any questions the EU|BIC Community members raised.

The session began with opening remarks from Laura Lecci, CEO of EBN, who gave a short overview of the opportunities that the project provides to bridge the gap between European and Latin American/Caribbean corporations, startups, innovative SMEs and business support organisations, as part of the EU-LAC Digital Accelerator. Following this, Ruben Carrandi, Senior Project Leader, spoke to the over 40 attendees about the main objectives of the project, the acceleration pathway and the expert team working behind it.

During the session, Carrandi presented the current Call for Challenges on Smart Production and highlighted some of the submissions already available on the matching platform. He invited the EU|BIC members to register in the matching platform and stay updated by following our newsletter and social media.

The EBN community expressed great interest in the project and provided positive feedback: “Thanks, EBN crew, it is a super project.” These messages are important to us as we aim to involve business organisations in developing our project by incorporating their insights. The EU-LAC Digital Accelerator aims to make them participants in this process and foster genuine partnerships and collaborations across the Atlantic.

Rubén Carrandi expressed: “Although this is a project being implemented in partnership and EBN is not the coordinator, we are happy to get your insights, ideas, contributions or doubts so we can better contribute to the final design of the activities and services and influence the decisions of the consortium. Please, do not hesitate to let us know any comment, insight, concern or suggestion.” 

Thanks to our partner EBN for organising this information session, giving visibility to the EU-LAC Digital Accelerator and raising awareness about the opportunities we bring to the innovation ecosystem in Europe.

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