Challenge organisation

Thomas Greg & Son is a Colombian multinational company that provides innovative information security solutions to clients in various sectors such as supermarkets, food, beverages, government, financial and transportation.  

Background information

Among its main lines of services are Integrated Security Systems, Identification Systems, Brand Protection, Means of Payment, technical information management, cash collection and logistics, development of technological solutions, among others.

In the field of integrated information management, the group has the company Manejo Técnico de la Información (Thomas Greg MTI), specialised in the traceability and conservation of documents produced or received by its clients, integrating the necessary means, mechanisms and infrastructure, with the purpose of systematically streamlining the access, security, conservation, custody and availability of the information received.

Challenge Description

Thomas Greg MTI faces an important business challenge related to the efficient management of data generated through multiple software applications which are currently disconnected, hindering the analysis and processing of its business information and that of its customers, generating reprocesses and operational cost overruns, key factors for the competitiveness of the business. Likewise, its current clients are demanding the provision of new services that generate value from the data that Thomas Greg MIT has in physical and digital custody.


The alliance could focus on the development of a data integration solution, optimising both the storage and flow of data in order to offer valuable services to customers, and generate valuable information for the optimization of business operations.

The project will have an impact internally by improving data consistency, facilitating more informed decision making and enabling more efficient operations. The optimization of the operation will contribute to minimising costs and time in all the links of the value chain, thus generating new lines of business for its national and international clients, who face the same challenges in data management.

Solution needed

The ideal partner to address this challenge should meet the following criteria:

  • Technical Capabilities: it is necessary that the partner has extensive experience in centralising information. They must be experts in the implementation of visualisation, analysis and data mining tools through which business intelligence reports can be generated.
  • Data Architecture and Security: The partner must have the ability to develop the solution with an architecture that ensures the integrity and availability of the information, and allows for future scalability.
  • Interdisciplinary Approach: Since the scope of the project encompasses several areas of the company, from Human Resources to Operations and Sales, the ideal partner should have a multidisciplinary team that can address the complexities of the challenge. The ability to develop a flexible solution in terms of data type and source applications.
This potential ideal partner for this project is expected to work together on a technological solution that meets the requirements of the problem to be solved, generating a long-term commitment to evolve and adapt the solution according to future internal and external needs.

The collaboration will offer tangible benefits, such as access to Latin American markets and the identification of strategic partners, joining efforts to face the technical and operational challenges that may arise during the innovation process, combining the strengths of the future Joint Venture in order to provide a successful alternative to address the challenge posed and the establishment of new opportunities for collaboration.


Country where the challenge is identified Colombia
Region where solutions must come from Europe and the Caribbean
Sector Management


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