On October 18th to 20th, the EBN Techcamp 2023 was held at the Coventry University campus in the UK. Organised by partner EBN and other agents for business support experts and skilled innovation practitioners, the event aimed to create opportunities for relationship-building with renowned innovation advocates and sector leaders, an activity relevant to the EU-LAC Digital Accelerator.

With this event, EBN wanted to help attendees understand the impact of immersive technology and its potential to reimagine entrepreneurial businesses. This is aligned with their role at the EU-LAC Digital Accelerator of connecting business innovation leaders creating and engaging a network of trusted business incubators and accelerators.

The event highlighted the business support methodologies used to harness the transformative power of simulation technology in a range of sectors, including creative industries, healthcare, manufacturing and mobility. Ultimately, the EBN team disseminated the opportunities the EU-LAC Digital Accelerator provided to mature start-ups and innovative SMEs that would like to collaborate with the participating corporates and set long-term partnerships with them.

Some keynote speakers who attended the EBN Techcamp 2023 included David Madié, the CEO of GrowthWheel International, Chris Dyer from Vodafone, Sarah Addezio, and Vicki Williams from Digital Catapult. During the event, the attendees had the chance to get to know better the opportunities the EU-LAC Digital Accelerator provides for corporates, startups and business support organisations.

Thanks to Techcamp, the business ecosystem of stakeholders of our partner EBN learnt about the opportunities offered by the EU-LAC Digital Accelerator, going beyond the European borders to Latin America and the Caribbean.


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