On the 1st and 2nd of February, the EU-LAC Digital Accelerator team hosted two virtual informative sessions in Spanish and English, unveiling opportunities for Latin American and Caribbean accelerators. Gathering virtually a community of over 200 participants, including accelerators, startups and corporates, the virtual sessions delved into the digital accelerator program.


Maika Gorostidi, the Coordinator of EU-LAC Digital Accelerator, highlighted the significant progress made over the past year, emphasizing the robust community growing around the accelerator’s Matching Platform. This platform is a dynamic tool that has become a nexus for over 40 challenges submitted by corporates across Europe, Latin America, and the Caribbean. Miguel Rodríguez Villariel underscored the platform’s openness, inviting all interested corporates and startups to join as their first step to start an open innovation journey with EU-LAC Digital Accelerator.

Startups from the regions are already leveraging the platform to address challenges through innovative digital solutions, matching their value propositions to initiate EU-LAC partnerships. At their inception, these business partnerships are eligible to apply for the first open call, accessing acceleration services valued at up to 30,000 Euros. At this point, EU-LAC Digital Accelerator and eligible partnerships can start their acceleration journey by applying to this open call. 

Beyond presenting the accelerator’s dynamic and opportunities for corporates and startups, the sessions focused on the support extended to accelerators in Latin America and the Caribbean. EBN, the host partner, and Ruben Carrandi, Senior Project Leader, outlined how accelerators providing services to startups or corporates could leverage the EU-LAC Digital Accelerator to enhance and complement their offerings. The accelerator functions as a collaborative network, leveraging the expertise of its members to boost the business and innovation ecosystem in Latin America and the Caribbean.

The sessions, not only informative but interactive, provided participants with the opportunity to address their doubts and questions. EU-LAC Digital Accelerator team is committed to continuing their support, fostering business opportunities, and facilitating meaningful business collaborations.

Catch the full session in Spanish here and in English here!

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